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Zero Energy Cool Chamber Zero energy cool chamber is a low cost alternative to store horticulture produce. This is an on-farm storage chamber, for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers to extend their marketability. Due to their high moisture content fruits and vegetables have very short life and are liable to spoil. Moreover, they are living entities and carry out transpiration, respiration and ripening even after harvest. The spoilage of fruits and vegetables can be controlled by reducing the storage temperature..
The zero energy cool chamber can be constructed easily with materials like brick, sand, bamboo, khashkhas/straw, gunny bag etc. The chamber can keep the temperature 10-15 0C cooler than the outside temperature and maintain about 90% relative humidity. It is most effective during the dry season.

Construction Select an upland having a nearby source of water supplyMake floor with brick 165 cm x 115 cmErect the double wall to a height of 67.5 cm leaving a cavity of 7…